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CorSupport - CORMIX Technical Support Subscription

MixZon offers CORMIX Technical Support via a subscription service called CorSupport.
To subscribe to CorSupport, current software licensing is required.

To Subscribe to CorSupport:

1. Please read the CorSupport Technical Support Subscription Agreement
2. Click on the link below, complete the necessary information and request pricing.
- Request Quote

CorSupport Subscription Coverage

CorSupport provides answers to general questions about physical processes and mixing zone modeling, help with understanding input parameters, and assistance with interpretation of simulation results. The subscriber is responsible for gathering and interpreting necessary input data and conducting CORMIX simulations and agrees to provide information requested by MixZon Inc.

CorSupport Subscription provides the following:

CorSupport Subscription does NOT cover the following:

CorSupport Subscription is per user and is non-transferable.

For help with the above items not covered by CorSupport, assistance may be available through CORMIX software licensing or technical consulting services.

Please note that CorSupport Subscription provides technical assistance relevant only to the current release version of the software.
Please NOTE:CORMIX Software Licensing DOES NOT include CorSupport. CorSupport must be purchased separately.