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CORMIX Software Licensing

Dear CORMIX licensees: If you need to use your current CORIMIX v11.0 or v12.0 license on another/personal computer to enable you to work remotely or from home, please contact MixZon Support. We are ready to help.

CORMIX software is licensed and distributed solely by MixZon Inc.
To license commercial versions of CORMIX software:

  1. Register with MixZon Inc
  2. Download and install CORMIX v12.0E
    (v12.0E is the Free Demo Version)
  3. Review and accept the License Agreement
  4. Buy online or complete and return the order form by fax or mail to obatin unlock codes for CORMIX v12.0

You can activate/unlock the evaluation version, v12.0E, to commercial versions (v12.0G, v12.0GT, v12.0GTH, v12.0GTS, v12.0GTD) after purchase of appropriate licensing from MixZon Inc.

* CORMIX Feature Comparison Table - CLICK HERE
* CORMIX System Requirements - CLICK HERE

Software Pricing and Ordering Information

To place an order for CORMIX software, choose from the following:

In accordance with IAHR guidelines, a special two-tier pricing is available at 50% discount on list prices for software orders only from countries classified as "Low income".

MixZon is also offering a 25% discount on list prices for software orders only from countries classified as "Lower middle income". Countries are classified based upon the World Bank's Country Classification Index.

Software Licensing DOES NOT include Technical Support. Technical Support (CorSupport) must be purchased separately.

Software Maintenance Contract

All software licensed comes with 30 days of free licensing and installation support from the order date. After this period, a CorMaintenance software maintenance contract is required for ALL licensing and installation issues.

MixZon Inc is NOT responsible for any CORMIX licensing problems that MAY occur due to client-side computer hardware failure or operating system related issues (failure, version upgrade, etc).

CorMaintenance WILL provide licensing support if you experience hardware failure or operating system upgrade. It includes a limited one-time transfer of the license and installation and activation support.

CorMaintenance is priced per computer and depends on your current licensing terms.
Please read the CorMaintenance - CORMIX Software Maintenance Agreement, before subscription.

Please contact us for pricing information.

Technical Support

To obtain CorSupport Technical Support, a user account and software license is required.
CorSupport technical support for CORMIX software and mixing zone analysis is available by subscription from MixZon Inc. Sorry, no discounts are available for CorSupport Technical Support for low income countries. To order, complete and return the CorSupport Technical Support Order Form or buy online.

CorSupport does NOT include CORMIX Licensing and Installation Support.