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Professional Consulting & Design

MixZon provides professional consulting limited to mixing zone analysis and diffuser design. Our main areas of expertise include:

* Please refer to our Outfall & Mixing Zone Monitoring page for more details.

CORMIX Professional Consulting Services

CORMIX Professional Consulting Services from MixZon Inc will provide:

Please note that CORMIX Professional Consulting Services contract provides technical assistance relevant to the current release version of the CORMIX software and model only.

Outfall/Diffuser Design and Analysis

MixZon Inc has nearly two decades of experience in outfall & diffuser design and regulatory mixing zone analysis.

We can perform detailed design and outfall hydraulics analysis for you.

No matter your application -- small or large, simple or complex -- we can help design diffusers and/or plan outfall configurations to minimize environmental impact.

For more information and pricing on CORMIX Professional Consulting and Outfall Design/Analysis Service, please contact us.